Ocean Park Community Church
The Friendly Church in Ocean Park
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    We are a Bible-Centered Church.

    OPCC members believe the Word of God.

    The Bible is central for all growth in a Christian's life. (Matthew 28:18-20)

    We base all our programs on the Bible.


    We are a Family Church.

    We encourage older children to worship with their parents on Sunday mornings.

    We provide several small groups designed for the whole family

    Welcoming People

    We are a Small Church.

    We emphasize developing and sustaining strong Christian friendships.

    We share our lives together in Fellowships following the morning service and enjoy special family and outreach activities together.

    We keep our church involvements simple to enhance each believer's walk with God and available time with their family.

    Although we're a small church, we work both close to home and supprt various ministries worldwide. (Acts 1:8; Matthew 28:18-20)

    Sunday School

    We are a Discipling Church.

    We emphasize discipling the whole family as the unit God intended it to be.

    We emphasize reaching into our local community with the Good News of the forgiveness of sins through the Lord Jesus Christ.

    We practice personal discipleship for everyone who desires its encouragement and its strengthening accountability.

    We provide a church community training time on Sunday mornings to equip members for various ministries.