Ocean Park Community Church
The Friendly Church in Ocean Park

Pastor Marty and Cindy Cole

Cindy and I were married in 1982, after she finished her B.A., while it would take me 10 more years to receive the same. By then, we had a 2 year old son, Jonathan, when we entered our first Village Missions field in California. We served two churches over six years before returning to the Pacific Northwest, where we filled in for a little more than a year in Oregon. In 2000, we took a sabbatical and stepped away from ministry for six months. When we received the 'call' to Ocean Park, it was a delight to accept and move forward. I had attended the Men of the Cross retreat since 1983, and with joy, we began to humbly step into the role of Missionary-Pastor to OPCC. Our commitment is to serve, that in all things:  God is glorified, the people are edified and that I accept His will to remain satisfied in this call, now going into 18 years as missions pastor and chaplain in the area.

After 25 years of loving GOD'S people and preaching GOD'S Word, with Village Missions, I can honestly say that I've never known a more exciting time to serve the Lord. The field is truly ripe unto harvest ( Matthew 9:37f ) and we have a special group, who pray to the Lord, to that end. The Spirit of GOD is revealing special evidence, that He is GOD, that His Word is True and that we are a far cry from His favor, outside of Jesus Christ. So, we study to show ourselves approved ( 2 Timothy 2:15 ), that we may do the work, that He's called us to, well. New discoveries in the Holy Land daily tell sides to the story that have not been seen or told, and we believe things are falling into place, not apart, in preparation for the risen and coming King. Thus, we are a small congregation, with a big message, to a dying world, for an Everlasting GOD. 

( Philippians 1:6 )