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“O the blood of the Passover Lamb
Is applied to the door of my life
No power of darkness could ever withstand
The force of the blood sacrifice
Though Satan will bring accusations
I let him know right where I stand
For now there is no condemnation
I'm under the blood of the Lamb”

This lyric, by Marty Nystrom, is a powerful testimony of placement under the Authority of Jesus Christ. You see, in this world, one may think he’s in charge; that he’s on the top of his game, that he is invincible… that is, until everything falls apart. That’s a time to know we are always under the control of things and forces, outside of our control. While circumstances remain constant, we feel in charge, and may even be able to prove that, if fact, in that moment, we are. But it passes with the passing of constants, when things we cannot control go out of control.

This pandemic, CoVid-19, rolled upon the world scene, literally rolling us into one community of global dependents. If I was dependent on the world to give me my worth, and the world failed me, where am I? If I were dependent on unlimited funds and friends, only to find out that inaccessibility to either, or both, makes me feel rather poor. If I was dependent on my flesh and its’ strong arm, that in a moment becomes weak, or worse, corrupt by an unseen enemy of my flesh, then I am at the mercy of fate… no, it is far worse, as after death comes the judgment.

That is unacceptable, when GOD has given His Word in the Holy Bible; the Scripture with hundreds of promises and prophesies, are fulfilled and will be fully filled in Jesus Christ, Who said He came to save and Who would come again. I trust Him, especially in times like these.

When I came under the power and authority of Jesus Christ, by relying on His blood sacrifice for my soul’s salvation, I found peace, which the world never gave, nor ever could. Under the blood shelter of the Passover Lamb of GOD, Who took my sin and the sin of the world (John 3:16-17), I found provision and protection from fear, when everything around me looks apocalyptic. If had every device, toy, privilege, creature comfort known to man, and lost my life without Jesus, what good would it do in the Justice Hall of GOD?

Maybe the devil’s behind the virus, perhaps it’s some corporation or lab rat, even if it were a humanist plot to decrease the surface population, it doesn’t remove the Truth: we are all exposed and naked before the Eyes of Him, to Whom we will give an account.” (Heb.4:13)

For the sake of the Gospel, come under the terror of the Cross, repent your sin and receive Jesus Christ, before the true apocalypse arrives… this “run-up” is a poor runner up to reality, and leave the terror and fear, that this little scare has created, far behind.

“On a hill far away, stood an old rugged Cross…” for you. Take it! Make your stand against hell with it, and receive forgiveness of sin. Accept His pardon and the peace that comes with a born-again relationship with Almighty GOD, through the blood of the Passover Lamb of GOD-Jesus.