Men of The Cross

Men of The Cross

Edifying Since 1981

In the Autumn of 1981, Pastor Dick Dewsnap, along with 5 other men, determined to meet regularly to sharpen and encourage one another. The next Spring, March 1982, they invited regional Village Missions church men to Ocean Park for an overnight retreat. That was launch of a ministry that continues to this day. Each week men assemble for breakfast, fellowship, worship and Bible ministry. Rain or shine, Tuesday or holiday, they gather for edification and encouragement; there are periodic service opportunities, when we give our time, talent and treasure that others may see good work and glorify our Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16).

Men of The Cross meet each Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. for a breakfast fellowship, Bible study and discussion of service requests.

This year's Men's Retreat, our 40th anniversary, was Thursday, March 10 through Saturday, March 12.

This 2022 OPCC men of the cross men’s retreat was one for the books. With months of preparation and personal interaction, we carefully put together an extensive but successful program. We added features like new crosses, hats, apparel, and added an array of speakers, which has never been done in 40 years.

In 1981, the men of the cross began to meet for study and coffee. That mission-minded effort couldn’t stay local for long, as the founders wanted to open their church and homes to men of area Village Missions churches? It started with an intention to edify, encourage and equip men for a more vital service for the cause of Christ. Each year since 1982, a retreat has been provided for men of Village Missions churches in the region, and has proven to be effective in the took the retreat ministry under their wing for a decade in Shelton. The men’s retreat ministry returned to Ocean Park last year, for a 39th event. It was a bit of a shake-up, then. We wanted to make this one better, as 40 is a number of testing.

We came to this retreat, assuming an exit and that it would be our last one. As it turned out the retreat was such a success, that men promised to support it in the future. We are praying about pushing ahead until Jesus comes again. ( 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 )

2022 Men's Retreat

Memories of Our 40th Annual Retreat